It was never we can’t do it… It was how can we make it happen.
— Noah Linn Hendershot

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At a time when disabled populations were considered “crippled” and doomed to a life of inertia, Linn used perseverance and persuasion to change perceptions and break into sports and racing—industries at that time, not accessible to anyone with a disability.
This was before there were any accommodations for people with disabilities in the U.S.

He served a lead role on the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Committee on Disability Access—going up against the Goliath of money and power—and coming out a winner with many improvements made to ensure the venues were more accessible. He not only defied the odds of survival, recovering in a hospital from severe pneumonia, but he spearhead the creation of a computer lab and a therapeutic garden while he was there so he and his fellow patients could connect with the outside world. Learn more…

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