Executive Producer
Walk The Walk 501(c)(3)

Director, Producer, Editor, Music Supervisor
Teri Hitt

Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Sound Recordist, Interviewer
Will Furman

Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer
John Capo

In Order of Appearance
Marion Hardin
Herb Hardin
Noah Linn Hendershot
Bob Kirk
Earl Hendershot
Dan Kerns
Will Furman (vo)
Tom Hendershot
Evie Hendershot
Nancy Hendershot
David Clift
Reverend John Barlow

Original Theme Music Written by
Jim Whelan
Traveling On, Stepping Up, Big Leagues
Published by Alpine One Music (BMI)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by
Brian David Hardin

Performed by
Jim Whelan
June Kato
Brian David Hardin

Edit Consultants
Tom Hendershot
Stephanie Cushna
Alison Fast
Cynthia Perini

Colorist, Captioner
Teri Hitt

Additional Footage and Photos
DV Archive
Envato Elements
Cynthia Perini

Additional Footage in Trailer
Brian David Hardin

Public Domain Images
Georgia Dome
Franklin Field
Baseball Brochure Images
1947 Baseball photo

Special Thanx to
Will Furman
Sharon Washington
Nancy Hendershot
Brian David Hardin
Gary Hess
Pat Hayes
Fletcher Foundation
Lazarus Foundation
Don Bard
Corporation for Assistive Technology
Kevin Pearson
Marion H. Hardin
Herb Hardin
Deborah A. Allamong
Evelyn V. Hendershot
John Barney
William Beard
Ron Keplinger
Cindy and Mike Pellegrino
Johnathan Brantley
Dr. John Fowler
Home Federal Savings Bank
Western Maryland Volunteer Auxiliary
Western Maryland Center Foundation
WMHC Maintenance
WMHC Occupational Therapy
WMHC Speech Pathology
Debra DeMine
William Cogswell
Ferris Bifikuthu
Kristen Whalen
Lisa Natisin
Elizabeth Newman
Deborah Gordon
Jud Kramer
Helen Samuels
Amber Kirk

We know we didn’t thank everybody.
We might have missed a few.
In that case THANK YOU!

In Honor Of
Brownie Hendershot
Evie Hendershot
Lem Kirk
Earl Hendershot
David Clift
Glen Cook
Tony Crider
John Wantz
Hugh Brandenburg
Joann Tucker
Wendel Wilson

Additional Music and Video from Envato Elements

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Linn made it known that he wasn’t here to make a career — he was here to make a difference…
and with the help of family and friends…he did.