Walk the Walk was the brainchild of Linn Hendershot while he was a patient and later an employee at the Western Maryland Hospital Center in Hagerstown Md. As a polio survivor and someone who later in life was dependent on a wheelchair and a ventilator, Linn never allowed his physical challenges to define him. His life experiences gave him a unique perspective on the power of the human spirit and what could be accomplished by anyone with the right tools, proper support and individual grit and determination.

The primary purpose of Walk the Walk during Linn’s lifetime and as we continue his mission, is to raise money for charitable purposes. Our goal is to distribute those funds to provide for the advancement of education and employment opportunities to allow those in need to develop their capabilities and improve their way of life. Given Linn’s fondness for technology as a gateway to opportunity for all, this includes but is not limited to the use and implementation of computer, audio, video and other technologies essential in today’s ever-changing world.

Linn’s vision for Walk the Walk was to help make a difference in the lives of others and we are honored to carry on that legacy. He wanted to encourage others to not just talk the talk, but to “Walk the Walk” through meaningful action. In honor of Linn’s forward thinking it is our mission to continue to foster the principles that Linn exhibited during his lifetime.

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