Lazarus Foundation
Collection of fully-functioning computers to distribute to seniors and disabled people and obtaining software for those computers.

Many Individuals helping Individuals including Project Lifesavor which offers tracking devices for those individuals whose illnesses cause them to wander away from home.

Fishing Frenzy
This is an event held at Pangborn Park that includes fishing and a variety of other activities for children.

Holly Place
An assisted living home for senior citizens who don’t have the money or insurance to get into other facilities.

Community Rescue Service (CRS)
Serves a population of people, who in many cases, don’t have the health insurance that would reimburse CRS.

Washington County Disabilities Advisory Committee

They provide training and employment for the developmentally disabled, among others.

The Western Maryland Hospital Gardens
Linn created The LAB also known as Club Overlook where patients could learn to use computers and socialize. He was instrumental in getting different groups and individuals to work together to create gardens and a fish pond in front of the hospital, so patients could enjoy nature without having to exit their wheelchairs. He hoped they would continue.

The Mummers Parade
This venerable tradition has experienced some finanical difficulties in recent years. Linn hoped to get some more permanent funding for the event that draws thousands.

Reform for senior citizens
Linn was focusing on protecting seniors as society ages, so that they can live comfortably without falling into poverty. Also working to ensure that assisted living was affordable for the middle class.

Support for the Boys and Girls Club
They work to keep young people occupied, out of trouble and focused on doing what they need to do to make a better life.
Encouraging students to pursue higher education locally. He was trying to get students to stay local.