The 11th Maryland International Film Festival took place March 23-26, 2023. More than 100 films were shown during the four day event, at five venues in Downtown Hagerstown.

The festival is organized by filmmakers and marketing executives who understand the power of film and support the talent of the independent filmmaker. Our goal is to fill theaters to capacity, encourage the development of filmmaker networks including media, distribution and the association with other artists.

It has been praised as being a Movie Magazine’s top 50 film festival worth the entry fee. For the past nine festivals, we’ve been bringing in the finest films from around the world. The film festival became a 501(c)3 in 2009, and was first held in 2011. Hollywood Director Joe Carnahan has been our volunteer and honorary creative director and has been a welcome partner with our festival! He brought us such films as “The Grey” and “The A-Team” with Liam Neeson, and we also screened “Stretch” and sneak peaks at other firms.